It is the Nguyen Art Foundation’s mission to directly support art and artists connected to Vietnam, working both in-country and abroad.

Its philosophy of contemporary collecting is one that gives back to artists, not only through the acquisition of their artworks, but by creating platforms that give their practice the opportunity to mature and grow.


the Nguyen Art Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of art in Vietnam, and abroad. From its base in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), it provides direct support to artists working in Vietnam to create new works, both through the traditional acquisition of artworks, and by providing funding and space for artists to produce new works. It hopes to encourage a new culture in contemporary art collecting that prioritises artists over acquisitions, and fosters opportunities for innovation and development in contemporary art.

Established in 2018, the Nguyen Art Foundation was born from a desire to better serve the artistic community of Vietnam. It was founded by Quynh Nguyen, under the advisory of Cam Xanh (pseudonym of Thanh Tran Ha), artist and founder of MoT+++. Since its conception, the foundation has worked to build an alternative infrastructure for the arts in Vietnam, and construct the base for what it hopes will form Vietnam’s first museum of contemporary art. The foundation aims to expand the possibilities for contemporary art in Vietnam by facilitating global exchange that enriches not only individual practices, but engages the overall growth of the Vietnamese art scene.

The collection focuses on artists connected in any way to Vietnam. It refuses to limit artists by any definition of their identity that is restricted to nationality, instead prioritising their practice and artistic concept as defining factors. It collects works from both Vietnamese and foreign artists, enlarging definitions of what is considered ‘Vietnamese’ art, and problematising the term ‘Vietnamese artist’.

Acting as a multi-limbed support structure, it collaborated with Saigon art spaces San Art and MoT+++ to launch A. Farm, an international art residency, in 2018. Open to local and foreign artists, A. Farm’s mission is to further facilitate the cross-pollination of art and ideas between individuals. Funded residencies are made available by the Nguyen Art Foundation each season, with priority given to artists from Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Education is a core value of the foundation, which also partners with EMASI and the Renaissance International School Saigon (Renaissance), to connect students with domestically and internationally recognised artists. It embeds artworks into the daily experience of students by featuring its collection both across campuses and in dedicated art spaces, positioning the arts as a central influence in students’ lives.

the Nguyen Art Foundation is collectively managed by MoT+++.



Art Book


Aliansyah Caniago
Alisa Chunchue
Bang Nhat Linh
Cam Xanh
Cian Duggan
Dao Tung
Dinh Q. Le (Đỉnh Q. Lê)
Ha Ninh Pham (Hà Ninh Pham)
Lap Phuong (Lập Phương)
Laurent Weyl
Le Hoang Bich Phuong (Lê Hoàng Bích Phượng)
Le Quy Tong
Ly Hoang Ly
Le Quoc Thanh (Lê Quốc Thành)
Lys Bui
Nguyen Huy An (Nguyễn Huy An)
Nguyen Kim Duy
Nguyen Quoc Chanh (Nguyễn Quốc Chánh)
Nguyen Van Cuong (Nguyễn Văn Cường)
Regis Golay
The Propellor Group
Tram Carin Luong
Tran Van Thao
Truong Cong Tung (Trương Công Tùng)
Truong Tan (Trương Tân)
Tuan Mami (Tuấn Mami)
Tuyen Nguyen (Tuyền Nguyễn)
Tuyp Tran
Wu Chi-Tsung


A. Farm, All Animals Are Equal #1, May 2018.

In 2018, A. Farm, an international art residency, was launched in collaboration with independent art organisations Sàn Art and MoT+++. Located in District 12 of Saigon, the converted factory site houses an exhibition gallery, six semi-communal studios and seven bedrooms, with shared living facilities and a large courtyard.The space’s history of scent and flavour production is reimagined in the exchange between locally-based and visiting artists.

Residencies are offered for artists working in a range of mediums, as well as curators, researchers, writers, critics or any type of cultural worker that feel they may benefit from the experience. Artists from Vietnam and Southeast Asia are especially encouraged to apply for the foundation’s funded residencies.

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Renaissance Year 12 students visit A. Farm, October 2018.

Education forms a core value of the Nguyen Art Foundation’s mission for sharing and supporting art. Through partnership with EMASI and the Renaissance International School Saigon (Renaissance), art is intimately embedded into the daily lives of students, encouraging a high level of art appreciation as part of their overall learning experience.

Significant artworks from the foundation’s collection are displayed across campuses, as well as in dedicated on-site art spaces. Through prolonged exhibition, students are invited to return and reinterpret artworks, expanding their understanding.

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