Cian Duggan

Cian Duggan (b.1990, Ireland) renders the familiar unfamiliar in his painting and drawing practice, which combines organic yet alien shapes with human and figurative elements. The results are abstract forms that appear otherworldly, and hover as if animated with static tension. After working at an artist residency in Ireland, Cian moved first to London and then Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2015. His works can be found on streets and walls across various cities worldwide and often are often in dialogue with a specific site or location. Cian reverses this process in his studio practice by using found objects or materials, such as metal or wood, as his canvas, responding instead to the nature of the material. In 2018, Cian joined the A. Farm international art residency as a Season 0 artist, and became a member of the MoT+++ collective.
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