Education / Giáo dục

Renaissance Year 12 students visit A. Farm, October 2018. / Học sinh lớp 12 Renaissance tham quan A. Farm, 10/2018.

Education is the core of Nguyen Art Foundation's philosophy, which aims to nurture a new generation of art enthusiasts from a young age. Through partnership with the EMASI schools and the Renaissance International School Saigon (Renaissance), art is intimately embedded into the daily lives of students, encouraging a high level of art appreciation, especially its social and political context, as part of their overall learning experience.

Significant artworks from the Foundation’s collection are displayed across campuses, as well as in dedicated on-site art spaces. The Foundation's first exhibition, People, Victory and Life after the War, is presented in the Foundation's dedicated art spaces at the EMASI campuses in Nam Long and Van Phuc. NAF's future exhibitions will also be presented in the art spaces, welcoming students to study art and its connection to their world. Through prolonged exhibition, students are invited to return and reinterpret artworks, expanding their understanding.

As part of the art exhibitions, the Foundation also includes educational programming for students to learn more about the arts. The educational program includes lectures, workshops, and panel discussions around topics like curatorial processes, art history, art techniques, Vietnamese art and its social context, and more.



Lecture | Trò chuyện: Thao Nguyen Phan

'Stars afar Closer: Fireflies'

This online talk by the critically-acclaimed visual artist Thảo Nguyên Phan unpacks both the arts of the image and the written words in her practice. In this talk, Phan brings together a selection of her artworks, including videos, paintings and sculptures. Phan also shares her personal reflection on the development of the contemporary art scene in Ho Chi Minh City, her experience educated in the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University, learning from the local alternative art spaces, and her experience exhibiting abroad. This is the second event of public and educational programs in association with the Nguyen Art Foundation’s inaugural exhibition "People, Victory and Life after the War".


Lecture | Trò chuyện: Pamela Nguyen Correy

"Contemporary Art’s Histories in Vietnam: A Southern Perspective"

In this lecture, Pamela Nguyen Corey provides a broad overview of developments in Ho Chi Minh City that were significant in the shaping of infrastructures, discourses, and practices of art that were considered distinctively “contemporary” in the late 1990s and more prominently in the first decade of the newmmillennium. This event kicks off a series of public and educational programs in association with the Nguyen Art Foundation’s inaugural exhibition "People, Victory and Life after the War".


Khi giáo dục sóng đôi nghệ thuật by Forbes Việt Nam

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Quynh shares how the Nguyen Art Foundation was founded and her path in collecting artworks in Forbes' June 2021 issue. For her, art is not just a hobby, she views art as an educational tool, integrating education and art through partnership with Renaissance International School and EMASI bilingual schools founded by her and her husband, Tuyen Nguyen.


Students at EMASI Interpret themes from “People,Victory and life After the War” Exhibition

7th-grade students at EMASI were tasked to createa mural for their art class project. To gain inspiration for their mural, the students visited NAF’s “People, Victory and Life after the War” exhibition. They analyzed and interpreted the themes from the exhibition and manifested them into their art pieces for their mural. Below are some ofthe creative pieces the students created for their mural.
Students from Renaissance Visit Artist Hoang Nam Viet’s Studio

Year 12 International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts students at Renaissance visited artist Hoang NamViet’s studio to learn more about contemporary Vietnameseart. Through NAF’s educational partnerships with Renaissance and the EMASI schools, students are given unique opportunities to visit celebrated artists and explore the art world through a close lens.

Students from Tinkle Painting Arts Center Visit the Art Space at EMASI

Tinkle Painting, an arts center for children, visited the “People, Victory and Life after the War” exhibition at EMASI Nam Long. The students from the arts center shared their wide range of knowledge in the arts with the NAF staff and enthusiastically interacted with the exhibition.


NAF Welcomes Students from Fulbright University to the Art Exhibition at EMASI Nam Long

Students from Fulbright University visited NAF’s “People, Victory and Life after the War” exhibition at EMASI Nam Long. During the tour, NAF shared its view on using the exhibition as a learning process to help students and the public understand more about Vietnam’s art history and its social and political context. NAF encouraged students to establish a dialogue among different generations of artists, art lovers, and students.



NAF Hosts Student Workshop with Art Curator Jeab Gridthiya

Students at Renaissance and EMASI attended NAF’s workshop with Bangkok-based curator Jeab Gridthiya for their art class. In the workshop, Jeab Gridthiya shared how to use the curatorial process and exhibition-making as tools for learning and how touse the 90-piece collection to understand the art history of Vietnam in its social and political context.

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