Fall (Rơi)

Oil crayon and oil paint on canvas
200 x 175 cm
Tuyen Nguyen (Tuyền Nguyễn)
Contemporary Art

The works in the exhibition ‘Man/Animal’ depict the entity of the Artist in his studio, mirroring his own journey as a young painter unlearning academic training. By making works that are self-reflexive he tries to understand himself as a subject-matter, while objectively reassessing his technique and identity as an emerging artist. Of course, his works are not strictly autobiographical: they contain fictional and distorted elements that tap into the possibilities of art and imagination and echo his interest in seminal painters such as Picasso or Bacon. While his disseminated oil paintings reflect the different states of the Artist-as-Being, his charcoal drawings are specific to his own experience of working behind the curtains of his studio, imagining others observing him at work. The final body-of-work represent the culminations of Tuyen’s experiments, a visual translation of his quest for the raw and immediate present. (Text courtesy of the artist)

The ‘Man/Animal’ exhibition took place in May 2018, at the End of Season 1 show at A. Farm, where Tuyen was a funded resident by the Nguyen Art Foundation.
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