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NAF artist Thao Nguyen Phan solo show at Chisenhale Gallery, London

Art & Market interviews NAF founder Quynh Nguyen

NAF aquires artworks from Dang Dai Lam


NAF aquires artworks by Thanh Minh Nguyen, Huy Nguyen Quang, Thao Nguyen Phan and Vo An Khanh



NAF aquires artwroks by Lap Phuong, Cian Duggan, Adam Goldstein aWu Chi-Tsung nd Cam Xanh


MoT+++ x A. Farm collaborate for performance plus 2019

NAF artist Dinh Q. Le announced to be featured in Bangkok Art Biennale 2020

NAF artist Dinh Q. Le featured in group show at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC)

All Animals Are Equal #2 and the End of Season 2 show at A. Farm 

NAF artist Truong Tan solo show at Galerie Quynh, HCMC

NAF acquires artworks by Truong Tan 


NAF acquires artwork Field of shredded paper by Kim Duy

NAF Founders Quynh Nguyen and Cam Xanh talk at the ANCER Lab 02 by Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore), HCMC

A. Farm Season 3 OPEN CALL until November 30, 2019

Season 0 A. Farm artist Latthapon Korkaitarkul featured in the Bangkok Post

NAF acquires artwork Hegel.Marx.Weber.andme by Tram Carin Luong

NAF acquires artwork Fall by Tuyen Nguyen


NAF artist Regis Golay featured in duo show by The Centre de la photographie Genève and HEAD, Geneva

NAF artists Le Hoang Bich Phuong and Nguyen Huy An featured in group show at Manzi, Hanoi

NAF acquires artworks by Nguyen Van Cuong


NAF artist Ha Ninh Pham featured in duo show at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, HCMC

NAF acquires artwork [mothermap] by Ha Ninh Pham


NAF artist Le Quy Tong featured in ‘Art in the Forest’ group exhibition, Hanoi

NAF artist Alisa Chunchue interviewed by PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo

NAF artist Wu Chi-Tsung interviewed by WIRED magazine


NAF artist Ha Ninh Pham featured on Hyperallergic

NAF acquires artwork The Vacant Chair by Bang Nhat Linh

NAF artist Wu Chi-Tsung featured in Sean Kelly group exhibition, New York

NAF acquires artworks by Alisa Chunchue

NAF artist Lys Bui solo show ‘Saigon Boulevard’ with Kho Muc studio, HCMC

NAF artist Nguyen Huy An solo show at Galerie Quynh, HCMC

NAF aquires artworks by Truong Tan


Ly Hoang Ly outdoor sculpture Honey honey honey or The fragments of trust installed in the EMASI schools Nam Long campus

NAF artist Truong Cong Tung featured in Le Credac exhibition, Ivry-sur-Seine

NAF artist Bang Nhat Linh featured in Nihonbashi Institute of Contemporary Arts exhibiton, Tokyo

NAF artist Truong Cong Tung in duo exhibition at San Art, HCMC

NAF artist Tuan Mami featured in District Berlin exhibition, Berlin


A. Farm announced as a partner venue for Krossing Over Arts Festival 2019


NAF artist Tuan Mami featured in Doc Lab film festival, Hanoi

Fullbright University students visit A. Farm

A. Farm X Villa Saigon residency partnership announced

NAF artist Aliansyah Caniago featured in Felix art fair, Los Angeles


NAF artist Wu Chi-Tsung solo show for Taipei Dangdai art fair, Taipei

NAF artist Ly Hoang Ly interviewed by the Museum of Non-Visible Art

NAF artists Ly Hoang Ly interviewed by VICE

NAF collected artwork Artists Talk performed at S.E.A. Focus art fair, Singapore



NAF aquires artwork by Wu Chi-Tsung

NAF aquires artwork Summer Grasses by Bang Nhat Linh 

NAF artist Ly Hoang Ly included in San Art exhibition, HCMC

NAF aquires artworks by Kim Duy 

NAF aquires artworks by Cian Duggan

A. Farm End of Season 0 Celebration

NAF artist DInh Q. Le solo show at Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok

The Propellor Group show in Luckman Gallery exhibition, Los Angeles


NAF artist Le Quy Tong solo show at Vin Gallery, HCMC


Renaissance International School Saigon Year 12 students visit A. Farm


A. Farm opens its studios for Season 0 

NAF artist Cian Duggan included in MoT+++ +1 museum by any other name

A. Farm resident to speak on panel at Salon Saigon


NAF aquires Dinh Q. Le artwork Adrift in Darkness

A. Farm announces Jacqueline Nguyen as external juror for Season 1

NAF sponsors artwork by Dao Tung for the first MoT+++ +1 museum by any other name


A. Farm, international art residency, launches with All Animals Are Equal #1



Asia Life Magazine features Regis Golay Room at the Renaissance International School Saigon


Asia Life Magazine interviews Quynh and Tuyen Nguyen
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