Nguyen Huy An (Nguyễn Huy An)

Nguyen Huy An (b.1982, Vietnam) uses his work to reflect on the emotive associations of everyday materials and their insights into memory and isolation. He graduated from the Hanoi Fine Art University, Vietnam in 2008, and co-founded the performance art collective The Appendix Group (Phu Luc) in 2010. In addition to performance, Huy An’s minimalist and introspective concepts are expressed as installations, paintings and sculptures that mediate the artist’s desire to trace inwards towards the self and the psychology of human behaviour. Huy An spent six-months in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with The Appendix Group as resident artists of MoT+++’s performance plus programme in 2018. He has participated in exhibitions, festivals and residencies across Asia and Europe.
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