Revelation of time 

Sedge mat, papier mâché and oil on canvas
100 x 100 cm
Nguyen Trung
Contemporary Art

Revelations of time is significantly different from the painting trends then, which heavily focused on idyllic landscapes, portraits of beautiful Vietnamese women or still life objects. Trung has a great interest in medium of the works. No colorful vibrant colors or romantic brushstrokes; instead, more monotoned such as deep brown (representing earth, clay and nature) or plain white was frequently repeated in his works. Most often, we can see a juxtaposition of lights and darks, which create a dynamic opposition and zen calm like expressions, to capture the fleeting moments when the sun shines through a crack on a wall.

(Text courtesy of CUC gallery)


Hoạ phẩm
Chiếu, giấy bồi và sơn dầu trên toan
100 x 100 cm
Nguyễn Trung
Nghệ Thuật Đương Đại

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