<em>Look at me</em> <em>Brand new breath</em> <em>Ms. Fluffy</em> <em>Twin Brain</em>

Alisa Chunchue

Alisa Chunchue (b. 1991, Thailand) has a keen interest in the human body as a testament to our collective anxieties about health and the invisible substances absorbed in our internal systems. Through her artistic practice, she investigates the body’s organs and parts, as well as medical treatments and procedures. She draws on the inherent nature of each of her chosen materials be it, for example, synthetic or liquid to exhume its unique essence, which emphasizes her deep physical exploration of the body to the molecular level. Alisa Chunchue’s notable individual and group exhibitions include Illuminated Curiosities, Nguyen Art Foundation, HCMC, Vietnam, 2022; What Now?, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, USA, 2020; Absurdity in Paradise, Museum Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany, 2018; The Concept of Self: On Power, Identity and Labels, Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017; Early Years Project #2: Anticipation, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017. In 2019, she was selected as a resident of A. Farm, HCMC, Vietnam, an international art residency program supported by Nguyen Art Foundation.