<em>Đồng bằng</em> <em>Khải huyền</em> <em>Thông thiên</em> <em>Chuyển động ngầm</em> <em>Mã nguồn</em> <em>Âm dương</em>

Bui Hai Son

Bui Hai Son (b. 1957, Vietnam) graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts in 1987. Immersed in symbolism, his sculptures carry a monumental presence, serving as a poetic ode to the life of the Mekong Delta and its perpetual cycles. During a period of transformation in Vietnamese sculpture, marked by the interplay of modern art influences and ideas rooted in Socialist Realism, Hai Son’s sculptural language distinguished itself with its unique and personal touch. Mastering metal as his primary medium, Hai Son’s artistic endeavors, coupled with his roles as an educator in the arts since the early 2000s, have elevated him to a prominent position in the contemporary sculpture scene, particularly in HCMC where he works and resides. 

Bui Hai Son’s sculptures have been featured in numerous group exhibitions and residencies across Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan. His artworks are housed in private collections as well as prestigious institutions, including the Fine Arts Museum Hanoi, the HCMC Fine Arts Museum, the Takanabe Museum (Miyazaki, Japan), and Besan Park (Iksan, South Korea) 

Studio visit with Bui Hai Son

This video is part of a series of interviews with artists in the Nguyen Art Foundation collection