<em>Morning Landscape</em> <em>Morning in the garden</em> <em>Sunlight in the garden</em> <em>Mountaineer children</em> <em>A Soul</em> <em>The marks of time</em>

Doan Xuan Tang

Doan Xuan Tang (b. 1977, Vietnam) graduated from the Faculty of Painting, Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 2001. Since his first solo exhibition in 2009 he has pursued subjects related to the mountainous culture and landscape of North Vietnam. His paintings are both field documentary and highly expressive, giving viewers a glimpse into the daily, changing lives of people in the highlands. Lyrical, poetic, vibrant and brilliant, his works have been featured in many solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the UAE, and Singapore.

Studio Visit with Doan Xuan Tang

This video is part of a series of interviews with artists in the Nguyen Art Foundation collection