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Le Cong Thanh

Le Cong Thanh (1932-2019) was a talented sculptor and was always passionate about creativity. He devoted his life to art. Le Cong Thanh’s works are the crystallization of life experience and rich knowledge of the art, the result of hard work and passion for continuous innovation and also the success of an artist who yearns to build a unique style for himself is the comment by an artist.

Le Cong Thanh’s paintings and sculptures focused on women, more precisely the beauty of a woman’s body. The topic of women is not new, but his expression method is very different. He dared to sculpt the most beautiful, most private parts of a woman. The beauty without being vulgar makes viewers admire. He chose to paint nude very elegantly.

He was a courageous artist who dared to live and dare to do things that no one dared. He created an extremely unique creative language. The woman’s body is just a metaphor for him to include in his outlook on life: ‘I am not an artist who paints or sculpts simply naked women. It was because of women that I became an artist in the sense of being “Human”. I sculpt the woman because from the sexuality and the body of the woman, I can better understand the mysterious truth of life’. Viewers will feel the subtlety and artistry hidden within his works.

According to the Chairman of Vietnam Fine Arts Association, Le Cong Thanh is considered a pioneer artist in innovating the language of modern sculpture in Vietnam. His works possess creative discoveries with a unique personality and style, innovative in modern sculpture language, with high artistic value, deeply affecting the later generations.

In his time, he was the number one sculptor in Vietnam.