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Truong Tan

Truong Tan (b. 1963, Vietnam) stands as a pivotal figure in the history of contemporary art in Vietnam, renowned for this exceptional fearlessness and unwavering authenticity in embracing and expressing his identity and gender. This authenticity resonates powerfully throughout his diverse artistic expressions, spanning painting, sculpture, ceramic object, multimedia installation and performance. Through his art, Truong Tan boldly challenges societal norms, offering critiques on ingrained prejudices in Vietnamese society, while also scrutinizing perceptions of national identity and gender stereotypes. 

As a distinguished student of the Vietnam University of Fine Arts, Truong Tan assumed his role as a professor upon graduation, teaching at the paining department from 1989 to 1997. Throughout his tenure, he injected innovation into his teaching methods, introducing fresh perspectives and creative experiments that inspired and garnered enthusiastic support from students. His transformative educational approach thus played an important role in the establishment and flourishing of multiple generations of young artists eager to venture beyond the conventional, outdated artistic languages of a bygone era. 

Truong Tan has exhibited globally, with solo shows in Hanoi, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, and Bangkok. His participation in international exhibitions, including the Singapore Biennial (2008) and Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial (2009), underscores his significant contribution to contemporary art. He currently resides and works in Paris and Hanoi. Tân’s work has been collected most notably by Post Vidai, the The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, and the Fukuoka Museum.