Cian Duggan


Based Dog


Enamel on steel

200 x 100 x 0.2 cm

The works Based Dog, Kusp, Steely Dandy, Paper Palace and Varnished Carny form part of an ongoing series painted on steel and plexiglass. The free forms that seem to float on the surface of the works appear solid and still at times, while fluid, or even in motion at others, visualizing the metaphysical doors through which one can access other spaces, times, and dimensions. As fragments of a single body of work, the forms are repeated intensively in an evolving whole that constantly grows and decays. Psychologically, they question the seemingly nonsensical repetition of our daily acts, and, in the same vein, the artist’s obsessive attempts to capture a constantly changing shadow. 

(Edited from text excerpts provided by the artist)