Cian Duggan


Blinder Minder


Enamel on plexiglass

Diptych, 122 x 122 cm each

The works Blinder Minder and otherMother formed part of Cian Duggan’s solo show, also titled otherMother, at Mot+++, HCMC, Vietnam in 2019, which showcased an array of his signature forms in 2- and 3D. Consisting of numerous pieces of rock scattered across a spanning space as if having been dispersed from one mother block after an imaginary big bang, otherMother can be seen as both disintegration and unity. Here, a dual process of destruction and amendment takes place simultaneously. While the stationary forms suggest an unseen mobility, an unseen mobility, in turn, suggests stillness. The entire work is an endless cycle embedded within the work’s lifeline, suggesting an obsessive gesture outlining the tender violence central to creation, according to the artist.