Vo An Khanh


Extra-curriculum Political Science Class 7/1972


Archival pigment inkjet print

56 x 40 cm

In Extra-curriculum Political Science Class 7/1972, a group of women walk bare-foot and in single file along a wooden plank bridge in the middle of Dat Mui Mangrove in Nam Can, Ca Mau Province. Each of these women wear a white head cloth, eerily cut out with holes for their eyes to see. The reason for this headdress was that these women were undertaking Extra-Curriculum Political Science Class, called back from their posts living and working with the enemy. These classes took place in the mangrove swamp in makeshift wooden huts where they would learn more of the political points of view of their forces and the changes in military situations across the country. Most of these ‘students’ were women and keeping their identities unknown to each other was a security measure. During class sessions, each woman would live alone in a small tent. (Text courtesy of Sàn Art)