Dao Tung


It seems to be


3 channel video


up the banyan, the ant climbs
alas, dead-end, futile crawl
up the peach tree, the ant creeps
broken branches, to-and-fro

  • Vietnamese folk poem

Tung’s work plays with the viewers’ empathies: leaving them to decide whether they associate more with the human or the ant, the stick or the hand, and feel out the edges of their own circle of darkness. the Vietnamese folk poem he cites as his artist statement mocks the ‘to-and-fro’ of this indecision. (Text courtesy of the artist)

The artwork was on loan from the Nguyen Art Foundation to the MoT+++ +1 museum by any other name at Hoàng Thị- phân đà Mùa Hè Tan Nát from August 2018 – November 2019.