Doan Xuan Tang


Morning Landscape


Oil on canvas

55 x 135 cm

Morning landscape, Sunlight in the garden, Morning in the garden and The marks of time explore an artistic perspective that is different to Doan Xuan Tang’s usual portrayal of landscapes in the highlands or portraits of ethnic minorities. Instead of painting specific subjects or landmarks, the artist simply shows the flow of nature and life as it unfolds. In these works, seasons don’t come and go, and night and day become interchangeable. Hidden behind the bright streaks of light as they shine through tree branches and wood slats, are silhouettes of a garden, or a house seemingly in ruins. The subjects are no longer what is in the flesh, tangible nor real. Rather, the artist illustrates his memories and impressions of the moments he has experienced, the people he has met and the places he has visited during his trips back to nature.