Ha Ninh Pham




Graphite, acrylic and colored pencil on mixed media paper

122 x 117 cm

In [mothermap], we are informed (via the accompanying text) that one side of the map is numbered 1 to 8, and the other marked A to H. In actuality this data doesn’t appear visually in the work, thus although part of the rule of the game is revealed, we simply have to trust our eyes and ability to connect the dots to figure out our navigation. We are also informed here that individual ‘spatial units’ may carry other ‘spatial units’ hidden deep inside. Thus canvasing a map becomes an act of looking with depth, instead of just looking across. (Text by Bill Nguyen)

[mothermap] is a level 0 work. It is the key map of the whole land, which demonstrates the positions of the level 1 structures in the project. The map utilizes an imagined 8×8 grid to give those structures coordinates. [mothermap] is remade every year when the project grows. (Text courtesy of the artist)

Ha Ninh started his project in 2017. This is the third version of [mothermap] made in 2019.