Do Thanh Lang


Note 5


Acrylic on canvas, transparent PVC sheet

30.5 x 40 cm

The works Note 3, Note 5 and Note 8 form part of a series called The Shows that looks at the history of Nha San through the visual means of painting. The name Nha San refers to a group of artists who originated from and have forged close connections with Nha San Studio and Nha San Collective. As one of Vietnam’s longest-standing spaces and collectives, Nha San was initiated by artists in 1998 and continues to run today despite its many closures and re-openings. Nha San supports art practices that foster freedom of artistic expression and examines issues of contemporary life with criticality and care. By depicting singular moments taken from significant exhibitions and events that took place at Nha San over the last two decades, Lang’s series of “visual notes” render our collective memories into tangible forms that captures the passing of time in (art) history.


Note 5

Since 2003, Nha San has organized an anniversary every five years to celebrate its achievements, review its development and prepare its future direction. In 2003, Nha San celebrated its 1st anniversary with the multimedia exhibition Room-Zoom, curated by Truong Tan and with the participation of Nha San’s first generation of avant-garde artists.

No Where Folk concert by Nguyen Van Cuong, Son X, Quach Dong Phuong and Nguyen Manh Hung at Nha San’s anniversary in 2003.

(Edited from text excerpts provided by the artist and Galerie Quynh)