Wu Chi-Tsung


Still Life 007 – Daffodil


One channel video


From the Still Life Series:

These works are inspired by a cherished memory of painting; however, the mourning over this lost memory might not be limited to painting only.

Some nameless emotions and memories unconsciously and slowly dissipate until, to our surprise, they are far away and cloaked by a white mist, their appearances obscured.

During the process of creating these works, I felt a slight sense of guilt, as if creating paintings so pleasing to the eye would be a betrayal of Eastern aesthetic pursuits and an act of despair. After all, this is just art that seeks to please the eyes, while contemporary art seeks to emphasize the concepts of innovation and subversion… we find ourselves continuously severing nourishment and comfort from our memories and cultural roots because we feel inferior, we wish only to become someone else.

When we look back at those distant moods, they are still so moving; however their beauty have long become foreign. (Text courtesy of the artist)

This work is currently on view at the Viet Huong Factory, Long An Province, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.