Pham An Hai




Oil on canvas

120 x 200 cm

In his works, Pham An Hai perpetuates the evanescence of the everyday, at times beyond what the mind can perceive, diving deep into a space of contemplation. Expressing himself through nature instead of observing and recording it, the artist has long moved past the natural appearance of things and now constructs his art through a more heightened, self-reflective consciousness and understanding of the surrounding world. Despite being non-representational, much of Hai’s work can be viewed as an homage to the untamable force of nature (as in Evening in Wild, Snow in Sapa and Under Water), the life-giving energies of the four seasons (Summer), as well as the bustling cityscapes (Dream Life) and charming landscapes of his hometown Hanoi and its surroundings. One may notice the shapes of houses, buildings and narrow lanes, exuding both the vibrance and subtle beauty of a city in various seasons or time of the day (Balance and Time). Nevertheless, Hai also pays close attention to the mundane (Teapot Dream #12 and Lotus Pond), demonstrating a willingness to keep searching for new subjects, while staying true to his distinct style of color, form and composition. The intense experiences that his handling of colors can provoke (Red Dream), and the depth of emotions that his richly layered and textured canvas can plunge us into, are important features that have become an integral part of his artistic journey. At another level, one may also see in his works the landscapes of an artist’s soul.

The work is on permanent display at EMASI Nam Long, HCMC, Vietnam. 

(Edited from text excerpts provided by the artist)