A screening program of still and moving images with Ripp Nguyen & Nhat Huynh-Vu

16 April, 2023

Community Takeover

Following Nguyen Art Foundation’s main theme in 2023 – Compassion and Community – aside from hosting talks, workshops and tours that revolve around this topic, we are also inviting individuals and collectives that have created, or are part of a community that is passionate about specific art forms. To reflect how community engagement is constantly evolving, we wish to highlight diverse practices that do not shy away from experimentation, and that take an alternative approach to familiar media. The individuals and collectives invited here are inspired by, but also empower their respective communities – a give-and-take that is essential for sustainable community work.

For our first takeover, NAF invites Ripp Nguyen, an organiser of public art programs and former member of the now-defunct film collective chớp bóng, and Nhat Huynh-Vu, a photographer and filmmaker who produces alternative entertainment shows that fuse drag and stand-up, to produce a screening program that explores our subjective relationship to space, how it affects our identity and memories, and how our understanding of space ownership does not need to hinge on its buying and selling.

This event is a part of the No more, not yet public programs.