Curatorial tour with Van Do – ‘White Noise’

4 November 2023

In the curatorial tour with Van Do last Saturday at Nguyen Art Foundation, the curator embraced the role of a “tour guide” for the exhibition White Noise, guiding the visitors within, between, beneath and upon the artworks on display: artworks born out of different times and spaces that are now brought together in a shared, temporary time and space, through multiple tactics that hopefully liberate artworks from their baggage while suggesting new ways of looking at them.
During the tour, Van engaged the visitors with questions that still linger: our choices with the legacies and histories that we can’t choose; the notion of time and scale in relation to seeing; the body and its parts in a highly scrutinized age of the mechanical; the wonder of darkness and not seeing fully; while also sharing with viewers some of the small, surprising “gifts” she has received from the participating artists along her journey.