gấu thiên thể storytells

15 December 2023


In the world of myths, people depict gods and devils endowed with super-human emotional and intellectual abilities, and portray the life of earthly species who live among us: animals, plants, even mountains. Though myths are understood today as nothing more than children’s tales, in the social sciences and humanities, much research has been done to reconsider their role in providing unique knowledge of ancient cultures beyond the Western perspective.

In this exchange with gấu thiên thể, we explored creative and artistic practices through an immersion in mythical narratives and tales from other cultures. If Van Do organizes an exhibition about a future where fragments of a certain body are scattered, envisioning how ants would perceive humans and their art, then gấu thiên thể desires to share stories and explore how humans attempt to describe and attain the experiences and knowledge of beyond-human beings, through studies in mythology.