Renaissance Year 12 students visit A. Farm, October 2018

October 2018

Education is the core of Nguyen Art Foundation’s philosophy, which aims to nurture a new generation of art enthusiasts from a young age. Through partnership with the EMASI schools and the Renaissance International School Saigon (Renaissance), art is intimately embedded into the daily lives of students, encouraging a high level of art appreciation, especially its social and political context, as part of their overall learning experience.

Significant artworks from the Foundation’s collection are displayed across campuses, as well as in dedicated on-site art spaces. The Foundation’s first exhibition, People, Victory and Life after the War, is presented in the Foundation’s dedicated art spaces at the EMASI campuses in Nam Long and Van Phuc. NAF’s future exhibitions will also be presented in the art spaces, welcoming students to study art and its connection to their world. Through prolonged exhibition, students are invited to return and reinterpret artworks, expanding their understanding.

As part of the art exhibitions, the Foundation also includes educational programming for students to learn more about the arts. The educational program includes lectures, workshops, and panel discussions around topics like curatorial processes, art history, art techniques, Vietnamese art and its social context, and more.