Students from Renaissance Visit Artist Hoang Nam Viet’s Studio

April, 2021

Year 12 International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts students at Renaissance visited artist Hoang NamViet’s studio to learn more about contemporary Vietnameseart. Through NAF’s educational partnerships with Renaissance and the EMASI schools, students are given unique opportunities to visit celebrated artists and explore the art world through a close lens.

Hoang Nam Viet gave the Year 12 students a privatetour of his studio and shared his art practice, techniques, and life experiences as a full-time artist. Hoang Nam Viet draws inspiration from everyday life, painting with his own unique style using oil paint in a freestyle technique to look like watercolor paint. Hoang Nam Viet opened up about his views on art, approaching large-scale works, and giving the students a live portrait drawing demonstration.

Students walked away with more inspiration, knowledge,and, most of all, fun. Students from the class gave their teacher many comments on the studio visit, and their words were shared with NAF.

Jeong Won from the class commented, “It was fascinating to be able to interact with an artist that uses the same art medium as we do in school. Truly intriguing to understand that in order to become an artist, it takes time and effort and we really don’t need to rush anything just like how the artist we have met has been going through his own circumstances for more than 10 years.”

Annie added, “It was an eye-opening experience whereI got to learn many things about how it is tobe an artist out in the real world, to run a business and your own studio, etc. and other technical skills such as how to use oil paint looking like itis watercolour/chalk, also, how to choose your colour palette etc.”