Talk with Geo Merchant

22 March 2024

Digital art and NFTs: an evolving art market

Although artists have been exploring digital art since the 1960s in conjunction with the first ever computers, this art genre has risen to great prominence in recent years. The wake of blockchain technology has granted digital artists the freedom to create and sell their pieces with ease and authenticity. In turn, a new group of collectors has been introduced to the art world. Locally speaking, Vietnam sits as one of the top 5 countries for crypto adoption, making the conversation of NFTs and digital art ownership especially pertinent.

While early forms of digital art such as photography, video, and pixel art remain, new ways of creating art have been formed, from dynamic art to generative art. So, what exactly does digital art encompass? How has digital art and NFTs impacted the art market? And how can we tackle issues of ownership, copyright, and the volatility of the market?

Nguyen Art Foundation had the pleasure to have speaker Geo Merchant venture into the world of digital art and ownership and learn more about the impact of novel modes of collecting art on artists as well as public and private collecting bodies.