Workshop with artist UuDam Tran Nguyen

November 2022

Collective Canvas – Drawing with machine
Have you ever considered picking up a brush to paint, but then gave up because you didn’t know where to start? Did you know we can now use machines (and not just our hands) to create artworks? In this fast-paced world, how closely-intertwined with human life do you think machines and technologies are becoming? Will machines (digital tools, and even AI) help expand the boundaries of contemporary art?
To answer these questions, the students of EMASI Nam Long were invited to join the workshop with artist UuDam Tran Nguyen, where he talked about his work License2Draw – L2D (a ‘robotic hand’ that can draw!) and followed by a ‘collective drawing’ session with other participants using the L2D app.
This workshop is part of the educational programming for ‘Illuminated Curiosities’, an exhibition presented by Nguyen Art Foundation.