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Essays on exhibition ‘White Noise’ from students of Fulbright University Vietnam

Nguyen Art Foundation is delighted to share two essays on ‘White Noise’ from the students of Fulbright University Vietnam. Under the guidance of Professor Pamela Corey for the course ‘Contemporary Asian Artists’, Nguyen Le Vinh Son and Hoang Ngoc Gia Huong highlighted a selection of artworks and gave them new dialogues through words.

Read ‘Listening to the White Noise‘ by Nguyen Le Vinh Son. The essay is only available in English.

Read ‘Artmaking and Curation as critical empathy‘ by Hoang Ngoc Gia Huong. The Vietnamese version of this essay is published on Art Republik here.


Understanding the importance of reading and writing about art and culture as modes of knowledge production and transmission, Nguyen Art Foundation always welcomes experts and writers, young and established, from both within and outside of Vietnam.