Nguyen Art Foundation’s missions encompasses two primary objectives: firstly, to foster artistic expressions that explore the complexities of today’s changing world; and secondly, to care for our local talents and maximize the potentials and sustainable longevity of the local art community. In pursuit of these objectives, our curatorial team adopts a yearly thematic approach to exhibition making, addressing issues of urgency, criticality and relevance within and beyond Vietnam. We actively engage with artists from both inside and outside our Collection, frequently partnering with guest curators and other art organizations to ensure equal exhibition opportunities and platforms for all.


Nguyen Art Foundation’s Exhibition program unfolds with the following annual thematic focuses:


• 2021-2022: Past & Future
• 2023: Community & Compassion
• 2024: Innovation & Dedication
• 2025: (Generational) Gaps & (Familial) Ties
• 2026: Monuments & The Ephemeral