Job Opportunity at the Nguyen Art Foundation


The Nguyen Art Foundation (NAF) is looking for a full-time Manager for our Collection and Art Spaces. Established in 2018, NAF aims to expand the possibilities for contemporary art in Vietnam by supporting and facilitating exchange that not only enriches our artistic communities, but also engages the wider public both in and out of Vietnam. With education as a core value, NAF partners with EMASI and the Renaissance International School Saigon (Renaissance) to introduce artworks into the daily experience of students by featuring its collection both across campuses and in dedicated Art Spaces, positioning the arts as a central influence in students’ lives.

Applicants should email a brief cover letter and resume to with subject ‘Application – Manager’ by 20 December 2021.

Role description:

  • Assist NAF Founder and NAF Director in all matters regarding the research, execution, promotion and documentation of NAF Collection and its accompanying Exhibitions, Public and Educational Programs, Development Projects and Other Endeavours
  • Liaise with relevant NAF team members and collaborators in a professional, timely and proactive manner in the realization of all NAF activities, on and offsite
  • Represent NAF at external events and relevant networking opportunities that could benefit NAF as an organization
  • Manage and perform required administrational, logistical, programming and promotional responsibilities


Management of NAF Collection and Exhibitions

  • Assist in the collation and management of artwork data and artist portfolio, in the writing, translation and editing of essential texts for NAF Collection and its accompanying Exhibitions and Public and Educational Programs (eg. artwork labels, artist biographies, artist statements, press and promotional materials on and offline, website content, newsletter etc.)
  • Assist in the management of NAF Exhibitions, on and offsite, liaising with relevant NAF team members, artists, collaborators and suppliers in a timely manner towards the effective creation, realization, finalization and documentation of said Exhibitions, locally and abroad
  • Manage the installation and deinstallation of artworks and exhibitions, coordinating with relevant NAF team members, curators, artists, collaborators and suppliers on the appropriate execution and meeting of install/deinstall requirements (eg. the incoming and outgoing shipment of art, taking into consideration facility capacity, labor required, scheduling of supplier tasks and any amendments to property and purchase of equipment needs)
  • Support relevant NAF team members in the sourcing and quoting for provision of supplies/technical skills for the successful realization of exhibitions (eg. equipment, materials, audio/visual needs)
  • Liaise with relevant NAF team members in a timely manner in case of emergencies (eg. when problems regarding the condition/installation of artworks and exhibitions occur), taking into consideration any immediate strategies of repair/security
  • Support relevant NAF team members in implementing company policy and appropriate procedures and standards relating to the care and storage of artworks, on and offsite, on display and in storage (eg. humidity concerns, appropriate wrapping, packing, crating ease of access, security, value)
  • Support relevant NAF team members in the process of artwork transportation and receipt, according to purchase of artwork and exhibition schedule; ensuring physical receipt of all artworks onsite is recorded and signed for, assessing any damage (notifying relevant personnel if any damage is found)
  • Liaise with relevant NAF team members, artists and third parties in finalizing and completing the process of artwork purchase (eg. ensuring payment is appropriately placed, shipment arranged, installation and deinstallation instructions received, artwork data and artist portfolio collected, ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ completed etc.)
  • Organize and maintain all physical and digital inventory records, on and offline, ensuring text and image files are kept in an efficient and timely manner

Management of NAF Public and Educational Programs, Development Projects and Other Endeavours

  • Assist in the management of NAF Public and Educational Programs (eg. talks, workshops, live arts, film screening, student/school visits etc.), Development Projects (eg. Artist studio visits project, Publishing projects) and other future endeavours, liaising with relevant NAF team members, artists, collaborators and suppliers in a timely manner towards the effective creation, realization, finalization and documentation of said activities (eg. supervision of delivery, completion of necessary legal documents, management of guests and satisfaction survey etc.)
  • Assist in the conducting and compiling of necessary research for the possibility of future Educational and Public Programs (eg. identify key thinkers/movements worth investigating and collaborating with in Vietnam and South East Asia etc.)
  • Manage the Library, ensuring the organization of all reading materials is kept onsite in a tidy and systemized manner for ease of access; undertaking regular stocktake (eg. categorizing existing reading materials, tagging new ones, conducting research on possible purchases for the Library etc.);

Management of Promotion

  • Assist in the planning of promotional strategies and the building of potential strategic promotional partnerships for all NAF activities, taking care to learn of the organization’s broader programming initiatives and other future endeavours
  • Provide publicity support by maintaining and keeping NAF’s press and media contact list updated; liaising with press and media in a timely and friendly manner, distributing promotional materials where necessary and initiating potential publicity leads
  • Manage NAF’s schedule for on and offline promotion; devising promotional content and visuals for newsletter, dedicated email announcements, e-invitations etc.; updating said materials across NAF’s website and other social media channels (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.)
  • Manage NAF’s calendars of Exhibitions, Public and Educational Programs, Development Projects and Other Endeavours
  • Support relevant NAF team members (eg. Marketing and IT team) in the provision of necessary information and visual materials; ensuring that the design and production of on and offline promotional materials (e.g catalogues, newsletter, website, POSM for exhibitions and events etc.) meet NAF visual standards and guidelines
  • Safeguard NAF visual identity by ensuring that external collaborators use logo and branding within NAF visual standards and guidelines
  • Maintain upkeep of all NAF contact database (eg. artists, researchers, speakers, collectors, foundation, galleries, universities, press, suppliers etc) in addition to the archiving of press materials and documentation of all NAF Exhibitions, Public and Educational Programs, Development Projects and Other Endeavours (eg. curatorial manual, reviews, news materials, photo documentation, video documentation etc.); ensuring said data is regularly back up to NAF’s digital drive and external drive
  • Attend, where possible, educational and public programs initiated and run by other art and culture organizations in the city for research and promotional purposes

General Administration and Logistics

  • Ensure the smooth running of NAF Art Spaces; welcoming visitors and providing them with information of the exhibitions
  • During the opening of exhibitions and other events, work directly with audiovisual teams (photographers and videographers) to produce photo and video documentation; liaising with press to connect NAF Founder and Director, and artists for interviews
  • Assist in the preparation of necessary information and materials to ensure appropriate budget and license requirements (when needed) for all exhibitions and programs are finalized in a timely manner; composing administrative documents, forms, etc. as requested.
  • Assist in the management of all contracts, budgets and invoices
  • Manage the hiring and training of volunteers and interns


  • EMASI Nam Long School

Nam Long Residential Area, 147 Street No.8, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • EMASI Van Phuc School

2 Street No.5, Van Phuc Residential City 1, Quarter 5, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


  • Full-time position; hours: 8AM – 5PM; some weekend and evening work might be required


  • Bachelor’s degree in Management, Humanities Studies, Arts or related field is preferred
  • Must have interests in art and culture
  • Experience of art is an advantage but not required (training will be provided during working process)
  • Excellency in communication, time and project management, interpersonal, and conflict resolution skills is required
  • Fluency in both English and Vietnamese (speaking and writing)
  • Good command of Microsoft Office tools (eg. Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.)
  • Individual who is dynamic and well-organized, willing to support other team members and communicate with collaborators and guests with enthusiasm