Seen, unseen

Hoang Ngoc Tu

Hoang Ngoc Tu (b. 1988, Vietnam) graduated from Hue University of Fine Arts with a major in Painting in 2013. Previously known for his Pop art-inspired aesthetics tinted with social commentary and satire, Tu gradually expanded his practice to include other mediums such as sculpture, installation and sound performance. Dealing with a wide range of ideas and issues – from personal memory and psychological obsession to human resettlement and environmental pollution, Tu’s most notable work is Fish Mask – a community art project exploring the 2016 marine disaster that took place in Central Vietnan. Additionally, Tu co-founded Đơ – an art space to connect and promote the artistic community of Hue City. He is also a member of the organizing committee of the art event Nổ Cái Bùm (Hue City, 2020). In 2023, Tu was one of 10 artists who were awarded the prestigious Dogma Prize. Some of his most notable group exhibitions include: Project Edge of the Citadel, Hue, 2022; The Beginning and The End, Gdańska Galeria Miejska, Gdańsk, Poland, 2019; NGUCHONOBAY, Galerie Quynh, HCMC, Vietnam, 2017; Tran8tate Vietnam – Thailand, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2016.