Le Thua Tien

Thừa Tiến (b. 1964, Vietnam) graduated from the Hue University College of Arts in 1988, completed his postgraduate education at the Rijks Academy (The Netherlands, 19951996) and received his MFA from the UNSW Art & Design (Australia) in 2009. An enigmatic and private artist, Tien seeks solace in his art, his works balancing sensibility and criticality, and are deeply engaged in both the visual and conceptual aspects of art making. While Tien’s earlier practice can be seen as an attempt to reconcile with one’s grief and suffering of a war-torn past, his later work shifts away from specific concepts and towards developing a close relationship with particular media such as lacquer, charcoal, text, painting, sculpture and installation. Tien was a lecturer at the Fine Arts University in Hue, Vietnam, from 1989 to 2008. His works have been exhibited widely in Vietnam, the US, Thailand, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Venezuela, Japan and Australia.