Will Rawls


Amphigory [32, 33, 2]


Oil-based ink on paper

76.2 x 101.6 cm

Amphigory featured a suite of forty screen prints on paper that feature abstracted letters. Each letter or punctuation is uniquely marked with traces of the artist’s body, scraping, dissolving, and displacing the ink through the screen. This results in viscous pixelated images that call to mind a film frame, a photo flash, a fingerprint, or a landscape in the distance. Their kinetic forms imply a pictorial language in flux. Evocative phrases occupy the series, divided into one or two letter passages that encourage non-linear, polysemous reading. “OO” might imply excitement, while “HA” is perhaps a nod to Rawls’ wordplay. An isolated “GA” could be gay or Georgia, the state where the artist’s paternal family was born and worked the land. As Will Rawls pulls language apart, meaning is formed and reformed, and fundamental questions about one’s agency to intervene into the very flesh of meaning arise. 
(Edited from excerpts provided by Adams and Ollman)