Truong Cong Tung


Shadows in the Garden series No.6


Pencil, tree sap, printing ink, soil, microorganisms on mylar

29.7 x 42 cm

…These drawings are the beginning of an introductory path into a blurred region that can be reshaped, erased and destroyed… like ghosts, obsessions and illusions. A containment area, a hiding place, a means to track the traces of instability, violence, memories of an individual, of history, of a communal land…

The shadow becomes the material manifestations of the structure of memory, the remains of the movement of space and time, the vestige of wakeful and dream life, of the realm of the beyond. Each realm is a system of images and projections, all linked together, as the spiritual realities of life …

Those visible shadows are (pictures, images, drawings) while the truth – that is, the invisible thing – is what we often erase, obscure, deny, forget and drift away from.

To me it is not important to understand (and even less important to explain) but to see together… Somehow in the invisible are all related to each other.

–The (written) words of the shadows… that are absent.
(Text courtesy of the artist)