Vo Tran Chau


Portrait of a Mother


Used clothes, thread

170 x 115 cm

Fabric from used or unwanted clothes has long become a dominant part of Vo Tran Chau’s artistic practice. The artist recycles such materials by transforming them into a number of hanging mosaic ‘paintings’, many of them depicting people from various periods who are both close and strange to her; or sites that no longer exist, such as textile factories in Nam Dinh, Saigon Tax Trade Center, Tra Co cathedral, to name but a few. Using digital photographs of these people and sites as source imagery, Chau turns them into pixel graphs which are then used as a foundation upon which mosaics are created by sewing color-coded fabric squares together. By reconstructing architectural structures, symbols and people that have completely or partially disappeared, the artist contemplates how cultural identity and memory (public and private) are pictured and remembered.