Tuan Mami


1000 Art Objects Which Have Lost Their Context


Photobook sculpture

16.5 x 21.5 cm

Inspired by the questions: What is art? What have artists used to present their art practice? I made a book classifying daily life/art objects. I focus on single images of things that exist around us and that are in our lives, things that have been used or are being used. I then separate them from their context and reproduce them on transparency paper such that the single image is presented interferingly/juxtaposed. On the back of the photo site, I allow viewers to write comments about the images. In this way, I challenge myself to find a different way of experiencing the city I’m living in, observing daily life and finding interesting characters, qualities and observations of local people. All the images represent the temporality of life, of culture, and of the slipping of out/in-side worlds that surround our life.

In the second stage, I categorize images into a range of memorial-useful-local objects that play with the aspect of being enabled/reframed as artworks. This strategy presents complex sides of memory and un-memory, familiar and unfamiliar, local and global, individual and universal. It forms the artistic concept or critical view. Beyond the significance of constructing an art book with these objects, I also wish to raise questions about art and life, and what are the essential beliefs of being today. (Text courtesy of the artist)