Tran Van Thao


The sun


Paper, acrylic, oil on canvas

90 x 90 cm

The city, his family, and surrounding landscapes are sources of inspiration for Tran Van Thao as much as the vagaries of the human condition. His work often finds beauty in the unruliness of life, and expresses the artist’s awe of such unpredictability though abstract art. Influenced by American Abstract Expressionism, he plays with line and colour, rejoicing in possibilities as serendipitous as those that life throws in our paths. Thao’s work can be raw with deceptively simple markings or rich with color fields. Veils of oil paint, crumbled areas of depth, papier-mâché, collage and brazen linear shapes are all basic ingredients of his stylistic repertoire. 

(Edited from text excerpts provided by the artist and Galerie Quynh)