Untitled #1 Sea’s slow #5 Sea’s slow #8 Sea’s slow #3 The sun Yellow Sea’s slow #10 Sea’s slow #24

Tran Van Thao

Trần Văn Thảo (b.1961, Vietnam) is an abstract painter who uses bold lines and full colour fields to evoke both the emotional connections formed by human interactions, as well as the affective land and cityscapes that equally inspire him. Thảo’s paintings can be found affixed with cotton fabrics and papier mache sewn into their canvas, giving them both visual and conceptual depth. His works play with form and shape, often featuring intersecting circles, lines and rectangles for the viewer’s eyes to linger and wonder upon. Thảo studied at the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University and graduated in 1986. Since then he has exhibited widely across Asia, Europe and the USA. His work can also be found in the collection of Post Vidai.