Cam Xanh, Regis Golay




Single-channel video, performance documentation: 168:00:00
Single-channel video acting as the artwork label: 00:47:00

Dimensions variable

Taking place over the course of one week, 11am is a performance that alludes to different conceptions of clocks and time, with Cam Xanh staying each night in a different Airbnb around the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a place that she also calls home. The performance was documented by Swiss photographer Regis Golay on an iPhone X, who would film the artist for one minute each morning at 11am during her moments of self-reflection. The physical work comprises one 168-hour video (incidentally the same number of hours in a week, or otherwise the length of the performance itself) and one 47-minute video (the standard length of a television show) that acts as the artwork label. The work reflects on the multiple selves that inhabit our bodies, which are themselves situated within a culture that is increasingly becoming homogenized.  

(Edited from text excerpts provided by the artists)