Lena Bui


Circulations, #8


Ink and watercolor painting on silk and archival paper

53 x 38 x 6.5 cm

Inspired by a vivid dream where multiple creatures pass through the artist’s own body, moving as if through a portal between this world and othersthe series Circulations by Lena Bui re-imagineone’s soul not as a singular entity but a valley full of numerous forms and energies constantly in-flux. This Buddhist-influenced and dream-inspired fantasy perhaps demonstrates a desire to break from the linear time space continuum and analytical logic governing today’s world, in the hope of connecting with other lifeforms on a deeper level. Each work consists of the top layer of images painted in ink and watercolor on silk stretched on a wooden frame; its back a photograph or another drawing on paper. The visual details take inspiration from various sources: blown up body cells to DNA strips, plants, earth, water, air, symbols of birth and decay, symbols of man-made structures, etc. Collectively, the series is influenced by and returns to notions of circulation, the sacred and circumambulation.  
(Edited from text provided by artist)