Tuyp Tran


The Tribal Status


Color marker on elephant hide paper

70 x 39 cm

Tuyp Tran’s oeuvre encompasses food, sex and spirituality among other topics. What connects these seemingly disparate subject matters, according to Tuyp, is the human psyche. The power of Tuyp’s work lies in not only the mundane choice of subject matter but the obsessive level of detail. Tuyp’s collection is reminiscent of a young man’s acid trip into the recesses of the subconscious. From afar, his works resemble a baffling explosion of vivid colours and intertwined designs. Claiming no ready-made meaning, each detail a memento from deeply personal experiences and ineffable sensations, the artist hopes to simply “provoke ideas” from his audience by visually tapping into the collective unconscious. He gives the viewer total freedom to interpret, and prefers us not to pigeonhole his work into one contrived genre or another. Tuyp delves into a diverse range of subject matter, including not only food and bodies but also religion, Western-influenced youth culture, and totem images.  

The work is on permanent display at the Khai Sang headquarters, Paragon, HCMC, Vietnam.

(Edited from text excerpts provided by MoT+++)