Cian Duggan




Enamel on steel

60 x 50 x 0.2 cm

The free forms appear sometimes solid and still, whilst at other times they seem fluid or in motion. Outside in open spaces, they create immense silence in city of vibrant soundscapes where they observe as much as they are observed. They require both sensibility and intellect to understand, stimulating our irrational feeling and rational thinking, and exist between binaries, vibrating between boundaries like physical or metaphysical doors to different spaces/times/dimensions, that are hidden in plain sight. As fragments of a single body of work, the forms are repeated intensively in a constantly evolving whole that grows and decays with its connected parts. impossible to see, understand or possess the totality. The ephemerality of each work alludes to a sense of deep time and a shared history that extends beyond our individual perspective. Psychologically, like other performative acts, they reflect the seemingly nonsensical repetition of our daily acts. An illustration of subconsciously and obsessively performing the same act, trying to capture a constantly changing shadow, drawing shapes of the « nothing » to figure out the « everything » in between.. (Text courtesy of the artist)