NAF Hosts Student Workshop with Art Curator Jeab Gridthiya

December, 2020

Students at Renaissance and EMASI attended NAF’s workshop with Bangkok-based curator Jeab Gridthiya for their art class. In the workshop, Jeab Gridthiya shared how to use the curatorial process and exhibition-making as tools for learning and how touse the 90-piece collection to understand the art history of Vietnam in its social and political context.The workshop was part of NAF’s overall aim to encourage students to think about artworks and their relevance to their lives critically.

The students listened to a lecture on the curatorial process and then did an activity connecting the artworks to form narratives in the exhibition. Jeab Gridthiya asked them to identify the description, the idea behind each piece, and the context of the selected works.

After the workshop, Jeab Gridthiya asked the students to explain the artworks and how they were connected. They articulated their ideas eloquently,which impressed the curator, in which she remarked, “I’m very impressed with the quality of their language skills as well as their analytical thinking.”